Youth Programs

Summer Camp

This summer camp is available during the month of June. Some changes were adapted due to COVID-19. We will add information for 2021 soon!

Upcoming Youth Programs

Armourdale Renewal Association is planning to add a program for Youth in Middle School and High School. For now, we are partnering with ThrYve to begin engaging a small group of students from JC Harmon Highschool.
We are also talking with our KCKPD to re-initiate the B.O.S.S. (Being of Sound Standards) Program. This is a program for 5th graders and is focused on students who are regularly receiving negative attention.

Armourdale Community Center

Due to Covid-19 activities are restricted. The community center is still open for small group activities. The GYM is getting installed a new air conditioning system and the basement is been remodeled. If you need to ask questions about activities please call (913) 573-8327 to connect with Parks and Recreation Department of Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Armourdale Renewal Association

801 Armourdale Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66105
P (913) 371-5696