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Armourdale Historic Courtyard
Family & Individual letter
Brick Order Info

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Dear Armourdale Families, (past & present):

We all know Armourdale is a proud and historical area.  In recent months the Armourdale Renewal Association and a number of local citizens who take pride in our heritage, developed a way to memorialize Armourdale and all those who have a current or past affiliation with the history of Armourdale.

The overall project includes the development of a historic courtyard, monumentation with flagpoles, brick walking path and entrance sign at #2 Kansas Avenue.  This site is the entrance to Midwest Grain Company and is at the foot of the 23rd Street viaduct.  To us old timers, it is the former site of Swift Packing House and the streetcar turnaround.  We have secured the site through the generosity of Midwest Grain to build our project.  Selling bricks is the beginning component.

Supporters of the worthwhile project have the opportunity to purchase commemorative bricks in that walkway.  Many will wish to memorialize an ancestor, a departed friend, family member or business.  This is a visible way of leaving a memorial to your proud family history.  This is your opportunity to become a part of this exciting project at the beginning. The costs for families and individuals are as follows:

Cost per brick:
  • with 2 lines of print; $40.00
  • 3 lines of print; $50.00
    • This includes professional layout
If you wish from more space for message, there is a double sized brick
  • 1-4 lines $90.00
  • 5-6 lines $125.00
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