THEME: Armourdale's Proud History
55 Years Since '51 Flood Recover
Sponcered by the Armourdale Renewal Association
Armourdale American Legion Post #188
Armourdale Optimist Club
LA Hardware - Sturgis Materials - Prime Investments
Cross-Lines Cooperative Council

The Armourdale Parade will be held on Saturday, July 15th 2006 beginning at 11:00 AM.  The parade starts at 14th & Osage and ends at 7th and Pyle.  Parade entries should be in by June 1st, 2006.  We welcome vendors to set up in Shawnee Park on the Nally Field side and the Packard side.  Vendor sports are $30 each.  Complete & return this form to Armourdale Recreation Center or LA Hardware by February 28th, 2006.


Name of Organization __________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________________________________________

Name & Number of Contact Person _______________________________________________

Address & Phone # if Different than Above__________________________________________

Type of Entry:  Float (   )   Car (   )   Motorcycle (   )   Walking Unit (   )  Band (   )   Horse (   )
Vendor (   )   Other (   )

Release & Waiver

I, Hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and anyone else who might claim on my behalf, waive release, discharge and covenant, not to sue the Armourdale Renewal Association or any and all of it's sponsors, their agents, assigns, claims or liability for death, personal injury or property damages of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or in the course of the event.  Minor applicants will be accepted only with the signature of a parent or legal guardian.  I hereby state that on July 15, 2006 insurance on my vehicle will be in effect, according to the statutes of the State of Kansas.

All Entrants Must Provide Their Own Transportation and Parade Vehicles