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Historic Courtyard Project
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Project Description
The Armourdale Renewal Association started this project in 2000 with a grant received from the Kauffman KC 150 Program.  This site will have a beautiful entrance stone design welcoming drivers from Missouri to Kansas.  Three flags, Federal, State & City, will stand behind three plaques engraved with Armourdale history and a fourth plaque in memory of Bill Willhite, Sr., founder of the Armourdale business park.

Our history from the days of the packing houses and railroads will be engraved in monument style plaques.  If you would like to offer input here, Please call us. We need your Ideas and Input.  Don't wait to give us suggestions.

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Brick Sales Will Fund Project

Brick Prices & Forms
There are two brick categories.  Family and Business.  Many of you will want both remembered.  Family, churches and non-profit prices are $40 for 2 lines across & 50 for 3 lines across.  15 characters are allowed and spaces count.  Many families and churches are using their family name and their old Armourdale address.  There is also an 8 x 8 inch brick with 5 to 7 lines available for $125 to families.  Preserving your history will give your descendants permanent memories and history.  Many high profile businesses have been located in Armourdale.  If you owned a business or company, you can preserve that history engraved in bricks.  Armourdale was the home of many ethnic churches and schools.  Mexican, African American, Greek, German, Irish, Jewish, and Croatian all lived, worked, worshiped and operated businesses in Armourdale.  there were 10,000 people here in the '40s & '50s.  We want to hear from you.  The '60s residents helped rebuild Armourdale.  The courtyard is the place for all those who have Armourdale in their hearts to make their mark for posterity, call 913-371-5696! Honor your family and working history for your descendants.

Family Order Form
Business Order Form

Spring 06 Groundbreaking
Preserve your family & business history.  Armourdale history will be permanently engraved in bricks and plaques.  The location is at 16 Kansas Avenue.  The former site of Swift Packing House and the old streetcar turnaround.

The Historic Courtyard Committee
Kathi Willhite-Butler, Chair
Patty Dysart, ARA Executive Director

Committee Members
Loren Taylor, Art Eickhoff, Larry Hanoks, Bob Gutierrez, Paul Rodriguez, Joe Vaughn, Captain Vince Davenport, BPU, Roger Schmidt, Duane Martz, Archie Smith IV, Archie Smith V, Don Smith, Rita Smith, Murray Rhodes, Emil Ulmer, Daniel Serda, James (Bundy) Jenkins, Joe Ozbolt, Mark Lonesk, Mike Sohmedding, and Mayor Joe Reardon.

Meetings held each month on the 2nd Thursday from 1-2 PM at the Rec. Center.

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